valentina studio and mssql server

Hi guys! I’ve the following problems…

1-cannot connect to a network sql 2008r2 express (on the server PC) from valentina studio installed on my client.
I can connect at the same db needed from xojo without problem, so the info are correct (user, pass, …)
Ps what is intended for server and what for host in the connection setup of bookmarks? my db is at\SQL2008R2 istance…

at least, I was able to connect with ODBC to the server SQL Server.

2-how do I setup the launch of the report from a button on my web app? I’ve read the article here:

but how do I setup these parts (with MSSQL Server, of course):

Dim conn As VConnection = New VConnection( “”, “sa”, “sa” )

and also…

Dim datasource As String = “vserver://host=‘localhost’ port=‘15432’ dbname=‘valentina_sakila’ user=‘sa’ password=‘sa’”
should be
host = ‘’, user = ‘root’, password = ‘root’, db = ‘db1’

thanks in advance, I’m a newbie :wink:


This may be better addressed to support at Valentina Website - this is a Xojo forum… Good Luck…

Couple of things though.

  • Change the sa password from sa to something else - that’s a security risk
  • Don’t use the sa account - create a dedicated user with lowered permission - again sa is a security risk
  • root/root doesn’t seem a wise either.
  • If the database is for a web app you should really lock down the database so it’s not accessible over the web and use a Web Service to access the DB - again, web accessible databases are a security risk.

I don’t know if the database is just a test DB on a test box, the above are just observations :slight_smile:
(Sorry to come across as negative!)