Valentina Studio 7.1 NEW - generation of Xojo code from DB schema

Hi Xojo Developers,

I think many of you have asked: why I need spend time of my life typing obvious regular code around DB, making bugs, catching bugs, …

Last weeks we working to use QT JavaScript in Valentina Studio and integrate it with internal model-objects.
Thanks to this, Valentina Studio get a new feature - ability to GENERATE CODE of any kind, from db scheme for all supported databases (mySQL, postgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL, ValentinaDB ).

We only have start to play in this direction, but we can demonstrate three different scripts. We will add more and more in the nearest time.

In particle for Xojo:

  • get code for SQL INSERT/UPDATE/SELECT with binding according to Xojo rules and syntax.
  • get project with code with N methods that do CREATE TABLEs, CREATE INDEX, … for any DB.
  • get project with code for ValentinaDB class-style.

You can read details and see scripts and snapshots and generated code in this thread on Valentina forum.

So … I think many of you have asked: why I need spend time of my life typing obvious regular code around DB, making bugs, catching bugs, …
Let me invite you to discussion (here or on valentina forum) WHAT TASKS you think can be automated into Code Generator?

Q: Somebody can ask - how this differ from what I can do myself?
A1: We going to develop this as one more tool in Valentina Studio, so you can be sure this is long-time supported project.
A2: JS scripts will be open-source, so everybody can change them or improve.
A3: Valentina Studio contains special internal model objects over different DBs, so it will be simpler to write such code generator.
A4: We must be able to write set of scripts, which generate code for the same DB to all languages that we support: C/C++/C#/NET/Xojo/PHP/Java/…
A5: Task is far not simple in general case. It will require also special GUI and tuning to be comfortable for use.

So could Valentina Studio eventually become an alternative to products like MS Access? With Qt+JS you now have the beginnings of forms as well as tables, queries and reports so perhaps Valentina will eventually have its own runtime? Outputting Xojo, C, C#, etc… as one option or alternatively just create a full app in JS, package it and run it with the Valentina runtime?

Hi Steve,

you have catch direction of move :slight_smile:

Yes we going also add Form Editor - in fact it exists many years in our debug version of vstudio, but was on hold.
We was need switch from wxWidgets to QT, and now we come to integration of JS.

So yes we going to get Form Editor, save them, keep them in Valentina Project.
At that stage we will look around on FM, 4D, Access to take best things we can.

Also we think that this Forms in Valentina Studio can be converted using Code Generator, into forms of Xojo, or web-forms for PHP, or NET.

I don’t know if this is of interest to you, Ruslan, but The Qt Company have resurrected PySide. I thought I’d point that out in case you’d like to consider the possible integration of Python in addition to JS.