Valentina Server – updating a picture

is there anyone out here, experienced in building applications connected to valentina server, storing (and updating) pictures?

I am just trying to use valentina server as the database for my product.
actually after a while it works not bad.
but now I face a problem I cannot understand…

the code I use to store a picture in the database works fine if the pointed field is empty (NULL).
if I try to save another picture, means replace it, it does not work.
other fields are updated as they should, so the update process basically works.

anyone with similar experience?
anyone with a working sample?

Hi Christian,

I see your new answer with more code on our forum.

Ivan knows already and will help you asap.
Please be participant, today is Sat morning here.

We have V4RB / Examples / SQL_way / Field_Picture example,
Don’t know if you check it.

Anyway, Ivan will help you until it will be resolved.

Hello Ruslan

Thanks for answering me here.
I just found out how it coud work.

I setBlank the curser and update it once before setting the new data and update again.

Thank you.

This sounds like a workaround, we need to check original way.