Valentina Server 6 as SQLite on Server Solution

Hi Steve,

as promised :slight_smile:

Into Valentina GIT made commit from our developer about improvement of REST API as you suggested:

Execute query once:
"Params": [1, \"Smith\", null]

Execute query twice:
"Params": [ [1, \"Smith\", null], [2, \"Ivanov\", null] ]

Today later we will produce 6.0 b24 where this will be available.

I was going to ask: does exists any example how to work with REST from Xojo?

Will the AKDs also get REST?

REST is easy to use with CURL as far as I remember.

And as of yet (10 days later) the API link still reads as “This topic does not exist yet” -Paul

Valentina seems like a really good database, but I just can’t get a handle on it.


That’s a link going to the Valentina 6 version of the wiki which is still under development. The older docs start here:

The old APIs aren’t going to go through a lot of changes except to get a few features, if you are coming from a traditional SQL background.

There should be an update on that link soon though.

Hi Paul,

that page was moved into this location now:
Xojo Database API in the V4RB plugin

Please note that this new page contains links to new pages which describe all and each method/property of SQLite db:

P.S. aha - I see, broken link was in article about Sqlite Server. FIXED. Thank you.

[quote=201491:@Beatrix Willius]Will the AKDs also get REST?

REST is easy to use with CURL as far as I remember.[/quote]

Hi Beatrix,

REST API should not be in ADK. We can only try to provide Xojo example, which

  • connect to HTTP port of Vserver
  • build REST query, send it
  • get back results.

REST API is a NO-ADK way to access Valentina Server (both Valentina DB and SQLite DB).

REST API open ability to access VServer from other OS and other languages, which do not have native Valentina ADKs. For example now you can access VServer from Android or WinOS.