valentina report and link main report and subreport with date field does not work

Hi, hi have make a
mainReport from query like this : select numInvoice, dateInvoice, CodArt, Color, Qty from artInvoice
subReport form query like this : select name,numInv, dateInv from invoice
then i link maniReport and subReport with function “Field Map”
and i have associate
mainReport Field SubReport field
numInvoice numInv this fields ares numeric data type
dateInvoce dateInv this fields ares date data type
if i made this links the report show only main report and not sub report
if i made this links without dates all work fine
i check if dates in main query and sub query are equal and the result is yes
can you help me please ??
sorry for my bad english, J.B.

i post here because valentina support replay to my help request that the support is made from valentina other users of valentina mailing list :smiley:
it is crazy because i have payed paradigma software for license and 1 year of update/support.
good example of good work… (to RUSLAN)