Valentina Release 9.8 Slims Reports, Adds SQLite Backups; Reporting for Xojo Sale Ending

We posted Valentina Release 9.8, an update that provides some improvements for anyone that purchased the singular products, Omegabundle for Xojo 2019 or Reporting for Xojo. We’ve dramatically slimmed the JavaScript implementation in Valentina Reports and made some underlying improvements to the product. Also, back ups for Valentina Projects and SQLite are now available via API or through Valentina Studio itself.

Also, the 50% introductory sale to Reporting for Xojo ends January 7, 2020. Normally this bundle is $600 and includes all three Valentina Reports ADKs for Xojo, Valentina Studio Pro and at no additional cost, a copy of Valentina Server /25. Valentina Server /25 supports an unlimited number of SQLite connections.