Valentina Release 11.3.1 Fixes, Improves Valentina Studio, Reports ADK & Server

I regret to say that this isn’t a very sexy release, but a number of small fixes and improvements.

Especially in the case of Valentina Reports, we have been in the process of improving report exports to improve what happens when some element is empty. Better formatted reports just look better! You craft report templates in Valentina Studio Pro (with objects scripted with Javascript) - then those templates are usable with Valentina Reports ADK for Xojo (embedding into your app), usable straight up in Valentina Studio Free version, or uploaded to Valentina Server. Valentina Reports can use almost all popular data sources such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite and others, including our own Valentina DB.

Valentina Studio Pro, Valentina Reports ADK for Xojo (all three platforms: macOS, Windows, Linux, Raspbian / ARM7) and a copy of Valentina Server are all included in Omegabundle for Xojo 2021. Omegabundle for Xojo 2021 costs $399.99, representing a total bundle savings of $3,471.96, including other products we include, and awesome stuff from GraffitiSuite, MBS, xDev Magazine, Ohanaware and new this year, Strawberry Software and Araelium Group.

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