Valentina ADK for Xojo 6.1 Delivers 64 Bit Big Love

Without repeating too much, we’ve spent some time on bringing Valentina based solutions up to date. We released Valentina Technology Update 6.1 today, and it includes a number of improvements that Xojo developers have been asking about for a while. These include:

  • Using the ‘ValentinaPlugin.xojo_plugin’ naming convention
  • Zip format instead of the older .rbx
  • 64 bit versions of plugins for all three targets: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
  • Installs both vcomponents and vcomponents_64 folders

We also finally kicked Valentina Studio for Windows 64 bit version out of the nest. Valentina Studio is free. Valentina Studio Pro is $199 and bristling with additional features including SQL DIFF, Diagramming and Reports Builder.

We’ve been shipping 64 bit versions of Valentina Server for years. With 6.x, Valentina Server had its built in Reports Server and Valentina DB Server (using our own advanced, columnar database engine), plus a complete Valentina SQLite Server solution.

The original announcement in our forums is here, and you can download here.