Valentina 8 Released: Studio, Reports for Xojo, DB for Xojo ADKs

In case you missed it, Paradigma Software released Valentina 8 on Valentine’s Day (yeah, we do that intentionally).

Last year, we ran two Omegabundles: Omegabundle for Xojo 2017, and Omegabundle for Xojo Web 2017, both of which had one or more Valentina products in it. Since all products come with 12 months of updates, if you bought one of these, you get this update at no additional cost. Just download and use your license. Here’s a quick rundown on the product line as it applies to Xojo:

-Valentina Studio / Pro 8. This is our database management tool on Windows, MacOS and Linux. “Studio” is free, and is quite powerful, even compared to many $$$ tools on the market. Pro 8 adds additional features like the Reports Editor (used with Valentina Reports), SQLDIFF, Data Transfer and more. We even introduced a code translation tool. There is now a handy Studio vs Pro feature chart too. Starts at $199.
-Valentina Server 8. A server that can run on Windows, MacOS and Linux (x86 and ARM7 Debian, so yeah, its on Raspberry Pi), and it incorporates Reports Server (works with all major databases), Valentina DB Server (our own object-relational, ultra fast db) and Valentina SQLite Server. There is a free eval version, which academics can use for their own purposes (see license). Get it standalone or through VDN, which allows OEM style redistribution to your users. There is a native client interface from Xojo of course. Standalone ranges from free and upward; VDN at $599.
-Valentina DB ADK for Xojo 8. This is our ultra-powerful, object-relational database, wrapped up for use with Xojo on MacOS, Windows and Linux (yes, also supports Raspberry PI). Starts at $199.
-Valentina Reports ADK for Xojo 8. This is our reports engine for deploying reports built with Valentina Studio Pro to Xojo on MacOS, Windows and Linux (yes, also supports Raspberry PI). The same reports can also be used in conjunction with Valentina Server. It also supports all major databases. Starts at $199.

All together, you can build local apps with Xojo that incorporate our fast database and advanced reporting features and, in time, scale them up to client-server (with Server or VDN), or even build server only apps with Xojo working with Server. There’s too much stuff so I won’t fill up the Xojo forum with it, but feel free to ask about it here or over on our forum, and check out the top link to our announcement.

Regarding Valentina Reports ADK for Xojo, can the developer embed reports in a Xojo Web app that will let the user dynamically pick certain data filters before running the report? For instance, a report that shows all Widgets sold in Retail Store ABC in Year 2017, grouped by SalesPersonName, where the user picked the Store and the Year from two different Xojo WebPopupMenus at runtime?

I’ve searched for examples online that show how Valentina reports are built, to no avail.

Hi Ralph,

yes you can do this, even in two ways:

  1. specify conditions in the WHERE clause of SQL query which you send to a report
  2. use parameters of the report.

You can ask more detailed questions on our forum:

How could I use Forms in my Xojo applications ?
Links to examples or a video please.

Hi Kato,

well, right now Forms in Valentina Studio are only for users of Valentina Studio.

This feature can help us to make Valentina Studio more office-ready product similar to FileMaker or Access.

But we see the opportunity to covert forms from Vstudio to Xojo module, so Xojo/PHP/NET/etc developer can save time and if needed generate forms in different apps from the same source. We can do this (lets hope) with JS scripts inside of Vstudio Pro.

Since this a major release, we’ll have a string of updates following, including 8.0.2 released today.