Valentina 6.5.6 Update Released; Cross-Grade for Xojo Developers from cubeSQL

Paradigma Software, Inc., the makers of enterprise class database and reporting products, announces technology release 6.5.6 and special sidegrade offer for Xojo and cubeSQL users.

The Valentina product line includes the cross platform Valentina Studio database management, administration and reporting tool for working with all major databases including MS SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite and its own advanced object-relational database Valentina DB. This update includes performance updates to Valentina Studio, a new Reports header object for Valentina Reports and improved SSL handling with Valentina for Xojo.

Valentina Technical Release 6.5.6 also includes updates for Valentina Server on the Raspberry PI platform. API integrations include support for C++, Java and Xojo.

Valentina Server, the three-in-one server includes a complete Reports Server, a SQLite-based Database Server, and the advanced, object-relational Valentina DB Server. The Reports Server works with both the included database servers in addition to MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL Server and Maria DB Server. It is available as a standalone solution on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X starting at $299, as well as an unlimited deployment version for developers called Valentina Developer Network at $599. Developer component Valentina DB ADK allows embedding Valentina DB in applications that can be deployed royalty free. Valentina Reports ADK allows embedding the Valentina Reports engine in applications for royalty free deployment. Both cost $199 per platform and are available for all major desktop tools for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, including C++, Java and more.

For a limited time, users of SQLab’s cubeSQL can sidegrade to Valentina Developer Network, which allows unlimited deployment of the powerful Valentina Server. This offer ends June 19, 2016.

How to Order and Get the 40% cubeSQL to Valentina Server Discount

Go to the Paradigma Online Store for Valentina Developer Network
Select the License type as RENEW, and place your Order
Log into Support > Trouble Ticket from your account, select OTHER and upload your proof of ownership of a cubeSQL ‘redistribution license’

Valentina 6.5.6 products are immediately available for purchase on the Paradigma Software website. A version of Valentina Studio is free. An evaluation and free version of Valentina Server for academic institutions and non-profits is also available.