Using WebViewer for untrusted sites

I am developing an application that uses an embedded WebViewer panel. I can visit websites HTTP/HTTPs that have valid certificates, however, when I attempt to access my local development server (with a self signed certificate) the page will not load.

In CURLMBS I can tell the object to not verify the certificate of the server:

dim c as new CURLMBS
c.OptionURL = “https://dev.local
c.OptionPort =443
// dont verify host cert
c.OptionSSLVerifyPeer = 0
c.OptionSSLVerifyHost = 0

Is there a way to do this with the WebViewer class ?


in desktop or web app? Which platform?

it is a desktop application talking to a python web site. Mac/Windows7&8

For Mac I have a class:

forgive me ignorance but how would I register that listener with the HTMLViewer class? I have purchased the full plugin-in suite and I am having some trouble getting off started with them.

I could email you a test project.

It’s simple. You make instance of a subclass of this class and there you can return true if you like the host.
And please keep the instance alive while app is running, so put e.g. in app property.