Using styled text

my issue is if me store styled text in a varchar field it is not good searchable.
means with a like query.
because it search inside of a file and there is something replaced and not utf8.

is there a way to store text and style separated?
or would u use a varchar field with text and one blob field for the whole rtf?

i using a Firebird 4 db via ODBC.

I would store the rtf in one varchar (it is a string, not a blob)
and the text only in another varchar.
so you can search the only text with that field
you can get the text only of a styledtext in desktop xojo app
it is more difficult (you have to make your own method) to do this in a xojo web app.


somehow yes but a blob field does not need define a length.
what i like to have in a database is just a type string (without this length specification)

I have html for display and unstyled text for searching. Varchar is probably too short anyways.

i used the DesktopTextArea with a Context menu so the user can change color,fontsize and style.