Using stringVar in call to XOJO.NET.HTTPSocket

I want to call a website using some variable arguments after the ?var= part of the call
The following code works:

dim URL as String dim my_http as New XOJO.NET.HTTPSocket 'URL = "" my_http.SEND("GET", "")

However when I call:

URL = "" my_http.SEND("GET", URL)

I get a compilation error: “There is more than one method with this name but this does not match any of the available signatures.”
I need the stringVar to construct the URL with variable arguments. Any suggestions?

String does not exist in ios. As it’s posted in the web forums i’m not sure if that’s the cause

This is a for the web-application. The corresponding routine in iOS was:

sub store_data(my data as Text) dim httpoutgoing as New MyOutHTTPSocket1 if mydata <>"" then httpoutgoing.Send("GET",""+mydata) end if end sub

with Outputtsocket1 of type XOJO.NET.HTTPSocket

But for iOS I don’t get that error during compilation.

Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket requires that you use Text instead of String. Change that second call to:

my_http.SEND("GET", URL.ToText())