Using SSD server or rds multiuser some database transactions are randomly dropped

I have an application whos windows require to filter, update and insert on several tables on sqlite- like 4 tables with a single click of a button. Im currently running under SSD server. its running very well under 1 user. However, on tests, when 2 users connect and try to update the same tables some inserts and updates are skipped randomly without any errors. I have also noted some window freeze while updating. All my tables have primary keys. Can any body provide some pointers of what i might be missing?

Are you sharing a single sqlite database that is on a network share between multiple users ?

Studio Stable Database? This sounds like you’re locking up because of open transactions. You need to design your client apps to not do that :-).

Norman Palardy - Im using Studio Stable Database. Its working very nice except for that hitch
Brad Hutchings - could you please explain further?

  • I have initialized my database on the event.
  • Im using app.db.commit on every transaction.
    What might i be missing? What do i need to make to my client app so that it does not lock?

Peter, you need to keep your transactions tight. One thing you might try is running while connected to a local file, sort out problems, then try running with the server. You have full source code for the client. Set some breakpoints. They’ll help you narrow down problems.

Full source for the server is available for a very reasonable price. I offer hourly consulting at the web site if you need expert assistance.