Using Server-Side Active-X Controls

Hello everyone,

I don’t have a license for web, but I’m feeling it out for a project and I’m just curious if this would work.

I have a few home-automation devices. They switch on lights or outlets, activate various servo motors, etc. It’s all through an old kit I installed many years ago. All those devices are programmable via an Active-X control the manufacturer made available.

I’d like to make a standalone xojo web project that runs on a Windows machine at the house that allows me to control these items remotely via a website. So, for example I’d like to be able to pull up the site from a computer at work, click a button and shut the blinds at home.

I have another Active-X that can generate images from my security-cam, it would be cool to be able to turn it on and embed auto-refreshing images in a page so I can see the dog!

Is this possible? Can you add a server-side Active-X control and manipulate it via code in a Windows standalone Xojo Web app the way you can in a Windows desktop app? What do you do about functions that need a hWnd since this is basically a windowless application?

Thanks in advance for any insight.

If the web app is executing on your PC, you could have it shell to a desktop app that will save pictures on the disk, and load them from there.

Thanks @Michel Bujardet , while I agree this is one way to go about it, I’d rather have everything in one solution than shelling a bunch of external files. Just curious if Xojo Web is up to this task, otherwise Asp.Net certainly can have a web project implementing server-side Active-X controls. I’d rather work in Xojo though as I thoroughly enjoy it more!