Using Plugins Pro with MBS

Christian, I’ve started using Plugins Pro to manage your MBS (and ChartDirector) set. I can see how it is fine for checking on updates to plugins of the previous release. Do you know if it will pick up any New plugins; those that were not in the previous release?

I also see some plugins have been removed. It causes me to rethink the whole “plugins” management idea. Software that checks if a plugin has an updated version is fine. But the other two required actions are the removal of defunct plugins and the addition of new ones.

If you mean will Plugins Pro notify you in some way about new plugins, no that’s not what it was built for it’s only concerned with “did this plugin update?”

Christian generally checks that no-one is using a plugin before discontinuing it entirely, but in the event that were to happen and you still need the plugin - you wouldn’t want to have that automatically removed. It’s wasteful to add plugins you aren’t using to the mix, that just slows every part of Xojo down from launch, to code completion, to building.

Knowing which plugins you’re using and building the smallest compatible set is still a manual part of using Plugins Pro at the moment.