Using OS X System icons

A few epochs back (or so if feels), I recall reading a list of system icon constants for OS X. I don’t recall if it was here, on the old NUG list, or on the MBS list. Does anyone have that list (things like the security lock, default toolbar images, etc)?

maybe this ?

That example project is using NSImage Constants (in case you wanted to know what you were looking at)

Just be warned, that you do NOT assume the icons will always be there. An app that I had developed since 10.5, started crashing on Yosemite GM because Apple had removed some of the icons that my app used, and I had wrongly assumed they’d always be there and so not written any code to handle a situation when they were not.

Yes those icons were there during the Yosemite beta, only when installing the GM did the app start crashing.

In the retina kit the image names are listed under retinakit.imagename.