Using MenuItem.Clone doesn't copy the assigned icons?

Should I expect the MenuItem Clone method to also include the original menu’s icons?

Nothing I try to reset the icons seems to work in any of my manipulations after the menu is cloned.

doesnt seem like an unreasonable expectation

Oooookkkay - ummm, seems to be version related. I’ll research further and report as appropriate in feedback.


of course since its just a picture and multiple references arent really an issue you could just clone and code that one assignment from the original (a bit of a pain in the arse)
or just write your own extension that clones everything correctly - again a pain in the butt to have to do but not rocket science

the bigger issue was with certain OSes raising an OS level runtime exception when you had the same menu item instance attached to multiple menus/popupmenus etc at one time
there was no catching that as it often resulted in a crash :frowning: