Using MBS for macOS menus for system functions

I’ve been using the MacOSLib menu classes to handle menus like Spelling & Grammar, Speech, Transformations, Show Font Panel, etc. I’ve trying to wean my app off of macOSLib, but converting MacOSLib menu classes to MBS functions has me stumped. I don’t see any easy way to substitute MBS. Supporting these menus in macOS should be common, so I assume it’s possible. Any advice would be appreciated.

We have NSMenuMBS class and related.

Yes, of course, and I studied them before posting. I’m not asking about showing a menu, but how to tie the selection to APIs like the ones I mentioned (Spelling, Transactions, etc.). MacOSLib has classes with the relevant Declares and some special sauce that handles menu enabling automatically and does this. I realize that MBS doesn’t have many higher level functions, but on occasion there are convenience functions and examples that help. I gather that’s not the case here. I wonder how most people using Xojo on macOS deal with these special menuitems. Maybe they don’t…