Using isolated VMs as development

Hi there,
I was just wondering if it was needed / a good idea to use VM’s when developing. I’m running on Mac and have use Parallels for a number of years - so it’s very easy to just create a new Mac VM with a fresh instal of the latest released software from Apple / Windows / Linux.

Are any of you professionals using VM as a part of your development setup? And what are the thoughts behind?
Also as we are waiting for Xojo Android, I was thinking to instal android Studio to be able to make just a simple Android App - and the have that as a VM?

Anyways, any comments, thoughts, ideas on this topic?

i used in past vm ware player some years at windows

  • you can move the vm file to other new pc and continue
  • easy backup and restore
  • you can work remote at this vm via remote desktop
  • you can give teammates your vm

btw windows 10 pro have Hyper-V


  • vmware license costs
  • need extra windows os license
  • emulators did not work perfect
  • slower than real pc
  • switching between desktop is inconvenient

the phone device emulator needs hardware acceleration or its very very slow.
try b4x/b4a its free since some weeks.

I use High Sierra for development and do testing with Remote Debugger to Mojave with VMWare. Saves my sanity because of the stupid security in higher versions of macOS. Real drawback is that I need to test more.

Honestly, I think it’s actually essential, especially when you’re a cross-platform developer. I develop on a Mac but I’ve VMs for all the Mac versions that I support, plus VMs for Windows 7, 8 and 10 and many Linux distros. Even within major OS releases, I have VMs for several point releases, all ready to be tested. I also have several snapshots within each VM (clean install, used install etc).

This is obviously useful when testing for release but it’s also really helpful when supporting a customer or client with a query. I can fire up a VM and get a close approximation of my user’s setup.

I really don’t see how any of us could do any serious development without VMs.

i think its born by necessity.
it will also be a matter of money, time, customers, …

[quote=479496:@Bobby Kurell]
Are any of you professionals using VM as a part of your development setup? [/quote]
Did this all the time while I worked at Xojo - I had 16 or 17 VM’s with many linux windows & macos versions
And all used SVN to access the source code
Its invaluable
Being able to recreate a brand new environment is worth it

I still do this but have slimmed my VM counts to 8

Thank you very much for your comments. Its really great to get this type of feedback. I’ll definitely move to VM, and having VM’s for each OS version and Xojo Version :slight_smile: