Using EasyIMAP? Bug fixes here!

If you’re using the EasyIMAP lib to access mail servers, you might want to know about a bug fix I found. And if you made fixes yourself, share them here as well, please.

Here’s a bug that occurs with passwords that use spaces - such passwords lead to the error message “BAD Error in IMAP command received by server.”

The bug is in IMAPSocket.HandleUntagged. When the login is sent, user name and password need to be enclosed in quotes. A fix would be to change the line:

[code]Send "LOGIN", myUser, myPass[/code]


 [code]Send "LOGIN", IMAPModule.Quote(myUser), IMAPModule.Quote(myPass)[/code]

Do you have a link to this file? All the ones I’ve found seem to be dead ends. Thanks.

Contact the author, he’s still the copyright owner and last time I contacted him he still responded:

You might also ask him to put it up on github or bitbucket, open-sourcing it.