Using digital signature card instead login

Hello all!
Here in Italy we use, for some services on the web (to connect with public administration services, as health or tax services for example), a special certificate stored on a chip in a card (similar as a credit card or a bancomat). This certificate is seen by the operative system, as a real certificate… But it requires a numeric pin to be activated.

This is the scenario… So the question. Anyone has experienced the use of certificate on desktop and web application in xojo? I’d like to experiment a new (and more secure) log-in method on my apps…

Many thanks!

I using a Phidget RFID card to authenticate, and Google Authenticator for my WebApp. The signature was store encrypted in database.

I live in Belgium, and we have a similar system (the EID, electronic ID)
Our government has an SDK which we can use. You can see the SDK here (in English): Click

Maybe Italy has a same sort of system for accessing the chip on that card. (In Belgium, the EID is also a chip on a card with a certificate)
And both EU, so chances are big they use a similar system.