Using Cursor keys to position iOS controls eventually hangs IDE

I was trying to get the controls positioned as cleanly as possible on my app and ended up with some labels overlapping one another and bouncing around the screen again. I then tried to undo my work and things got worse. I then manually selected each problematic label control and started moving them into proper position with the cursor keys. After a few dozen nudges, I got the busy wait cursor (spinning technicolor pizza) and the Autolayout list started filling with repeating values as it tried to map the relocation to new values. Eventually, I had to force suit the IDE to clear things up.


Could this be related?
It was also duplicating things in Auto Layout and has to do with arrow keys.

Definitely sounds the same (but doesn’t involve H.Center in mine). Marked as fixed, but it looks like it didn’t get into the release.

Definitely did

Well, then something else is broken :frowning: