Using CubeSQL with Rowset & SelectSQL

I have been developing a XOJO app and have recently decided I need to allow multi-user access so setup CubeSQL and dropped in my existing DB.

All seems to work fine as far as setting up is concerned.

However I have a major issue with the CubeSQL Xojo plug-in. It doesn’t seem to support the Xojo Rowset.

In accordance with Xojo recommendations, due to the Recordset being depracated, I have been converting all my code to use Rowsets instead of Recordsets. Which as I am sure you are aware, means that the method to get data is now “DB.SelectSQL” not DB.SQLSelect as it was with the Recordset.

When I use this i Get the runtime error as shown in the screenshot below.

Screenshot 2020-08-30 at 11.19.06

Any suggestions greatly appreciated as it seem that my only multi-user option is now MySQL or PostGre, neither of which I want to use.

Many thanks

if it aint broke, don’t fix it …


Not sure what you mean.
If you refer to using the Rowset instead of the Recordset, how does NOT converting work with the Recordset being deprecated?
Doesnt that mean that some (near) future Xojo version will drop the recordset altogether? I dont want to programme myself into a corner.
Not sure what the process has been historically with Xojo and deprecation of items. In other environments I have used, deprecation is an early warning for something being removed altogether.

yes the recordset will be dropped, but not within many years from now.
xojo always keep “deprecated” items for very long.
stay with recordset until the cubesql plugin is updated and validated to API2
then only you can move to rowsets.

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Yeah I guess so.
I am just a bit nervous about continuing with this development using deprecated tools with no visibility of when they will be gone.
As it stands now, I am about 1/3 through the work and changing wont be a major issue.

If I have to continue to the end with Recordset and then it is taken away, THAT will be a shed load of work.

Just being cautious.

I suppose it would be too much to ask to expect Xojo to comment on this?


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