using colors in Xojo?

I have trouble finding creating color panels and using colors in general in Xojo. How far is this possible? In Filemaker I created a create writing program for a company and I would like to make a Xojo version but keep the same look. Is it possible to make something like this in Xojo?

There are many examples in the Examples folder for the Canvas. You can do everything from Filemaker in Xojo but it will be a bit more work.

Yes, I checked the examples, but everything is mainly grey, which I am not a big fan of. I was hoping to find the freedom you have like in FM.

Select another color then.

The colors in your screenshot are a bit intensive.

There are some controls that dont allow coloring in Xojo. Remember, we use native controls for just about everything (with the exception of listbox), and because of that, some of them cant be changed.

Try dragging the types of controls you want to the layout editor from the Library and look for color swatches in the Inspector. That will let you know which ones do allow changes.

If they dont, you can either create your own using the Canvas or ask the forum. There are lots of custom controls made by other users either free or for sale

I too love colors, but I am not fan of your screen shot (I love yellow).

Contrast must have more… contrast. I am old, and some colors (text drawing color vs background color) do not have enough contrasts for me.

Also, using more than one Font in a single window looks strange to my eyes.

Of course, I am quite sure you can found example with six or seven different colors ina window, but this is an exception.

I use cyan 0.10 and yuellow 0.10 as alternate Row background colors in my Listbox, but this is the exception.

Compare the applications you have on your computer and compare that with your window. If you still love it… this is your software.

Andr, the “concept” of your “storycraft” software looks good, but the colour pallet does look a bit dated. I guess that is subjective though. I know it should be about “content” and not “fluff” - but it’s best to present your hard worked idea in a pleasing manner.

I’ve found this very useful for choosing colours:

For all I know, you are trying to make your software look “old-style 1980’s”. Regardless, I guess you want what you want.

I’m a big fan of FileMaker too. Some things are much easier in FM, but I think the power of Xojo far outweighs any apparent advantage .

You just need to dig a little bit deeper. Remember, you also have this forum for guidance.