Using Capstone


How can i use capstone framework in xojo? if possible?
It is a dis assembly framework.


They should have a dylib. Then you can use declares. Otherwise use the shell to communicate to a Perl or Python script that talks to the framework.

Hey Beatrix thanks for a quick reply,

i will use a c dll for interfacing it on windows,

is there any way i can create my own dylib using c,which can talk to capstone ?
i dont have experience in mac os x, dont know about dylibs.

I saw the dylibs mentioned on the Capstone site. You had better ask there. I only know that you need XCode to create a dylib on Mac OS.

Install the dylib as described on the Capstone website.
Then it should be more or less the same as on Windows, as it is a C library, not an Objective C library (where the declares have different syntax).