Using to configure SSL

Just noticed that Feedback 35284 was implemented in 2015r2, giving the ability to manipulate the args in the event to configure SSL stuff without needing command line arguments…

So I just tried putting the following line into the event in an app to see if it would work:

args.append “–secureport=443”

but I still wasn’t able to connect using https, so then I tried making it 8443 since I was testing on a Mac (latest released version of Yosemite), but that didn’t work either.

Am I misunderstanding how the feature was implemented and/or how it can be used?

You still need to have an SSL certificate available. If you don’t specify a path, it needs to be next to the app, with the same name as the app, but with a .crt extension.

Yep–you nailed it! it worked once I also specified the certificate path (also new in 2015r2!), since I wasn’t able to put the cert in the debug folder since each run clears it out! Also, can’t specify maxsockets=0 to force SSL-only or it fails to launch at all… I’ll put a request in feedback to allow for specifying the port to connect to the app in debug mode ( or whatever).

Build Settings > Shared > Debug Port? :slight_smile:

Use a build script to copy the cert to the debug folder on every debug.
Right click in the navigator and select Build Step > Copy Files and put it after “Build” in the list.

even better :slight_smile: