Using an array as a WebListBox RowTag: a question

I want to set a WebListBox RowTag to be an Array of strings that I can access with a DoubleClick event. I’m having trouble figuring out how to grab this or that element in that Array in the DoubleClick event of the WebListBox. Taking ‘Me’ to refer to the WebListBox of concern here, I thought perhaps that this might grab the first element of the Array that is that RowTag:


My logic was that


is the RowTag of the currently selected row in the WebListBox, and since that RowTag is an Array, then


would grab the first element in that Array. This fails syntactically. So how do I grab that element?

I think I just figured out how to do this:

Dim arr() As String arr() = Me.RowTag(Me.ListIndex)

If I do that, then


gives me what I want.