Using a slider to adjust values in a customisable

I have a table with a number of rows of data that could be adjusted. Each row consists of a label, an iOSTextfield and an iOSLabel (for the unit of measure).

I can enter the information fine with the keyboard, however, ideally I would like to be able to have the following work flow
1 - Select the row (or click into the iOSTextField) and have a slider appear
2 - Set the slider with a minimum, maximum and the current value
3 - Move the slider to update the value in the iOSTextField

I have used the CreateCustomCell method to create a table that has the two iOSLabels, iOSTextField and iOSSlider and those appear in the table as expected and I can click into the iOSTextField and edit it. However, I can’t select the iOSSlider and move it. Should including a slider in a customtablecell be something that works?