Using a Function without needing its Returned Value

Suppose I have a Function that does a lot of work for me here and there, but sometimes I just want it to run and don’t need it’s Returned Value. For instance, say MyFunction sets TextField1 to “Error Found” if it sees something odd in some other field, and Returns True when it does that. And say I usually use it like this:

If MyFunction Then MsgBox "An error was found."

But let’s suppose sometimes I just want to run MyFunction so it will do its job, but really don’t care about its Returned Value. I imagine I can do something like this:

If MyFunction Then TextField1.Text = TextField1.Text

just to get it to run and set TextField1 appropriately. But is there a standard way of doing this? I obviously can’t do this:


because the compiler will tell me I need to use its Returned Value.

simply write:

Call MyFunction

Perfect. Thanks!