User Onboarding Project

Does anyone know of a Xojo library/project for user onboarding? For example, in Slack when you first use it, areas of interest in the UI are progressively highlighted and if you mouse over, it gives you a little intro to that section.

I’d love to find an example project or paid library.

Implement something and share it with us…

Something in a project like this ?


I think your link was bad @Emile Schwarz

You mean a PopOver?

Thanks Markus! Some great starts by @Bill Gookin and @Axel Schneider!

Correct: I forgot to replace # with ?.

New link here .

I did something like this some time ago using the MouseEnter & MouseExit events of controls, container (text for help and using the visible property) with a timer. The container was in a fixed location on the form though.
Markus’ solution looks pretty nice!