User notification for mac

we required to show user notification for Mac
We got following code from MBS plugins -examples folder: /MountainLion/UserNotification example

dim m as NSUserNotificationCenterMBS
  dim u as new NSUserNotificationMBS
  u.Title = "Hello World"
  u.subtitle = "from Real Studio."
  u.informativeText = "Our first Notification from Real Studio."
  dim d as new date
  d.Second = d.Second + 5
  u.deliveryDate = d
   m.scheduleNotification u

what we required is how to show action button on notification ?
above code shows only notification without any action button.

In System preferences you need to allow app to show a button.

Can you please tell me how to do so?
we are not able to find such option in system preferences

In System Preferences -> Notifications