User ISP

Sorry but I can’t find a way in WE to find the user’s ISP. Is it available?

What do you mean? Do you want to know if someone accessed your app connected using an “UK Virgin Media Broadband subscriber line” for example?

You want to know if one of YOUR customers is also a customer of “COX Communications”, or “Time Warner”, or “AIT” etc etc.

Don’t think there is… and hope there isn’t

The closest you might come is to intercept THEIR IP address and back-track it… but I doubt there is a legit reason to be doing that.

You can get the user’s IP. If you need to obtain details about that IP, you will need some external service. It’s not embedded on the language as it needs a huge database with mutable content from all the world. Maybe someone have a good service like that that you can send an IP and receive details but I just don’t know one. Maybe some fellow here knows one. Probably you will need to subscribe a service to do that.

check this out.

Great product. US$10 per 10000 requests or 20 requests/hour free.

To use it with Xojo, you need to retrieve the data using a JSON template like:

And manipulate the received content using a JSONItem.

at first i though we can capture the text in the html and parse to look for information.

So u can use it for free as long as it is not more than 20 request per hour. very interesting.

i think parsing the result from the URL you mention is not a good idea… better using JSONItem

You can reverse lookup the IP address:

Shell1.Execute ("dig +noall +answer -x "+ "")

If you wish to see it on a live site:
The third line under the build shows the results…

You got me curious. so I did the following:

Dim MyShell as new Shell MyShell.Execute ("dig +noall +answer -x "+"") Dim output As String = MyShell.ReadAll MsgBox output

Looks like xojo is 300 IN PTR

I don’t get it. Your argument sounds like this to me:

Person: What’s the sum of 2 + 2?
Rick: Being x = 2+2, x is 4.
Rich: I disagree. The sum of 2 to 2 makes x = 4.


does not matter… i am just talking nosense

I am a nonsense fan, Richard. No problem. :wink: