User Interface Question

What would be a good replacement from a user interface standpoint, for a listbox attached to a source list (like iTunes) if one doesn’t want to implement a source list?

Many Thanks!

The question is rather vague. What software do you want to develop and what is the user supposed to do on the screen? Why don’t you want to implement a source list?

Its a basic sales item inventory app. I have a regular listbox on the left side of the main window with all items. The right side of the window displays details about the item and utilizes a tabpanel.

Instead of showing all items all of the time in the listbox, I thought a sourcelist to the left of the listbox might be a good idea here. However, I don’t have the skills to develop a hierarchical sourcelist and all of the tutorials are outdated or the links are broken. I also don’t want to use or pay for plugins that I can’t maintain myself. The other issue is that my main window might just not be large enough to incorporate both a sourcelist and listbox.

So I was wondering what other kind of UI design would manage this, albeit not as pretty.

Many Thanks!

This source list here should work: I’m still using an older version. A screenshot is here:

Thanks Beatrix. I will take a look at this. Can you tell me if it’s possible to drag a row from my listbox into a user created folder on this sourcelist?

Many Thanks! is in bad sorts, right now.

Do you have any other links?

@Moe: yes, of course, this is possible.

@Tim: what’s wrong with bitbucket? I just downloaded the FGsourcelist and it worked.

Yesterday, I was getting “Internal Server Configuration Error”. Oh well, it’s better now :slight_smile: