User interface, open a Tab

Will it be possible, in code, to open a specific Tab?

button = “insert” (

me.Tab(index + 1).Show
me.Tab(index - 1).Show

Well… something!

Use TabPanel.Value

TabPanel1.Value = 1 will display panel 1, for instance.

Thank you!
It wasn’t easy for me, to look in the docs since I didn’t know what to look for! What command!

Let me just ask…
Is it possible to use Tabs as any other objects such as Buttons or Labels!?
I mean, to show and to hide?
To enable or disable…?

Let me just make a note:

TabPanels are not as fun and pleasant as other objects as they can not come and go on demand.
I was not aware of that!


You can easily add or remove tabs from a TabPanel, but there is no built in way to disable individual tabs.

If you need more control, you can use a PagePanel on conjunction with your own control for its UI.

I don’t understand PagePanels. However, I assume it’s great…!

In some software, there are “simple view” and “advanced view” in the settings, for example.
Then there are tabPanels with more or less tabs.
I was thinking, to have two tabPanels and show and hide these, but the concept seemed confusing already in the simple designer mode. I think these software are not made with Xojo…(??)

I’ll skip these things!
It’s also a solution!

Have a look at Trixi’s tabpanels, which is available here . This is easily extenable to show and hide panels that you need or don’t need.

As usual do one step after the other so that you don’t confuse yourself. What do you want to accomplish?