User Interface, get data from ListBox

This is the same image as earlier, but the different question.

Is there a way to “pick up” the name of the selection?

For example, I click the first one and the title will say “Bugreport. No threads yet.”

In one single move?
I know the more complicated alternative. It is to get the ID using RowTag and then select the name from the database according to this…
But I think, since the name is already written, is there a less complicated solution?

F0_intCountryID = me.RowTag(me.ListIndex)

F0_strName = ???
F0_strName = me.RowTag(…?? )

MsgBox(Me.Cell(Me.ListIndex, 0))

Oh dear! It’s easy when you know how! :slight_smile:

I guess it should be French, not Frensh?