User Guide Book 2

I’ve seen “User Guide Book 2” mentioned but can’t find it. Want to learn more about WEB APPS. Any ideas folks?
Thanks, G.

They’ve rearranged the documentation to be much harder to use.
It seems as though the books are still on the CDN though.
Here’s the Book 2: User Interface PDF for as long as they’ll still keep it up.

Hi Gary,

You can find the User Guide in entirety here:

For web apps, the quick start is a good place to start:

If you are looking for something else specific, let me know!

(they don’t like it when I tell them that the new dev center is difficult to use)
((further, the dev center version of the user guide is harder to read))

The User Guide (and most of the Dev Center content) is also included in the PDF in the Xojo Documentation folder:

Documentation/Xojo Documentation.pdf

cheers Paul - will look.

Had a quick look at the web section of book 2 - no sample coding like in the intro pdf.

There are sample web projects in the Xojo program but not many - is there a large resource somewhere?

I would urge you not copy sample code. It’s the source of most people’s problems here.
Read the documentation, learn how to use the functions, and write your own methods.

Worst of that (but not Xojo fault’s): on my 1920 x 1080 Windows 10 laptop, it was severely uneasy to read the PDFs (those in the landscape mode)…

It may be because the screen is too small (vs my 3360 x 2100 macOS laptop ?).

I wanted to read one of those pdfs while the last macOS beta was installing itself…

Okay I have to protest, you snipped that quote out of context.

Meaning the version is harder to read than the PDF
(typographically, organization - it’s just all over the !@#$% place)

Agree and disagree. The pdf-book is easier for starters learning chapter by chapter. Dev-center is of course much better for just looking up things during the daily work.

btw: my gravatar seems to be gone.

I find it so much more difficult to look stuff up on than the old

I find the dev center to be slower, have less accurate search results.
I also find the content difficult to read and comprehend quickly.

I agree with the PDF book being better for starters.
I read it cover to cover before launching Xojo.

Maybe start here:

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Xojo is not the only one with difficult to read PDFs. I recently got one from a vendor where each page had a screenshot and a list of points related to a screenshot on one page. I say related to “a” screenshot, because each page started with a screenshot followed by a list of points related to the screenshot on the next page. I figured it out fast enough, but it ceratainly gave an odd impression. :slight_smile:

Thanks Paul L.

Tim P - thanks, I do wanna learn with the books first, but I find that copying sample code and playing with it helps. If I could copy and paste more I would.