User drawing in object (canvas?)

I have been gone from Xojo for a long time but get the hang of it again.

Right now I want to create a web app where the user needs to be able to draw circles in a picture or a blank object.
Is the web canvas suited for this or do I have to create a new object for this?

Any hints, help?

You can indeed use the WebCanvas for that, since it has Pressed to locate the clicks, and Paint.

Note that contrary to Desktop where changes are immediate, when the app is uploaded to a host, there will be a lag between the time a click occurs, and drawing. It takes usually around 100 ms or more for the signal to go back and forth between the client and the Xojo program.

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It is “ok” to display something, but not really usefull for interactive stuff.

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So that means I would have to create my own component using de websdk?

Thanks Michel, when the user has to sign for something would that not give too many issues?

yep most of the time for web this is the best way to go…
if you’ve already found a javascript library that fits your needs it’s sometimes easier to include it in a websdk than trying to use the xojo built in control items.

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Thank you @Jean-Yves_Pochez.
It is a long time ago (early times of Xojo Web) that I did this so I will have to catch up but this is what I will do.
Advantage is that I will be able to use whatever I want.
Disadvantage is that I will have to make a decision what I want to use :slight_smile:

What do you mean ? WebCanvas works from the start go. No need to sign up for anything.

No, sorry @Michel_Bujardet that was me writing too fast without thinking too much.
I am creating a form where a user has to mark things on an image and at the end has to put his signature on the form.

GraffitiSuite has a signature capture control which could save you a bunch of time.


Hi @Tim_Parnell,
I agree.
I saw it but, although the price is not too high for the suite, it is too much when I only need one or two components from it.

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Ask @Anthony_G_Cyphers if he is willing to sell them separately.

Not really. But I guess it depends on how much you value your time

Value my time or maybe also curiosity to see how far I can come with this.

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I didn’t mean it as a jab at you. My point is that @Anthony_G_Cyphers has done a great job with Graffitisuite so I wouldn’t spend time developing something he has already working. Having said that I have been spending some time studying the WebSDK just in case I need someting that is not already in Graffitisuite so I can relate to what you are attempting to do.