Use of WebImageView with HiDPI?

I don’t know if I’m missing something, but I am unable to display a ImageSet properly in a WebImageView on retina screen (iPhone6).
I created a ImageSet (mypic) with a 32x32 and a 64x64 picture and assigned it to the WebImageView. The result is correct on a normal screen, but on a retina the 64x64 picture is not resized and the WebImageView display only the center (32x32) of the 64x64 pic. A WebCanvas with g.DrawPicture(myPic,0,0) works correctly on both screens, but the picture appear 2-3 seconds after the page display.
(Xojo 2016R2.1 and new Web project with HiDPI set to ON)
Is this a bug or is there another way to display at the same time as the page appear a HiDPI icon?

Try again with a 3x image. I’m curious if it’s selecting the wrong image.

If it’s still incorrect, please file a bug report.

It’s the same with a 3x image…

45128 - WebImageView display the ImageSet in the wrong size on HiDPI/Retina screen

unfortunately that Bug is as old as the Web HiDPI support itself: <>

Yeah, as old as 2016r2. :stuck_out_tongue: