Use of Event Definitions from COM Objects

Hi all,

I have another curly question;)

I’m trying to interface with a COM object that I have added to my 2018 1.1 project.

I can drop the object in and see all classes and interact with both the built in methods and properties. My problem arrises when I try to add an Event Handler to my project to access the included Event Definitions.

I can’t add Event handlers to the COM object classes as the menu is greyed out (locked classes I guess)

I’ve tried creating a new class with a super to the COM classes, this works for everything (methods and properties) except the event handlers don’t fire.

I’ve tried adding the COM object to the window (the event handlers are there) but I get an error ‘testCOM’ needs to have a constructor with the signature Constructor() to be placed on a window - I have a method called Constructor but it requires Constructor but it requires parameters (I’ve heard this is no good). I can add another method Constructor without parameters but I get the error - There is more than one item with this name.

Am I missing something here and is there a way that I can debug why even handlers from COM objects are not firing?

Thanks all!


Hi all, does anyone have an idea how to add a Com object to a window when it already has a method called ‘Constructor’ but it takes parameters?