Use GIT/SVN with Xojo ?

Hi guys !

i’m currently trying to Convert an RealStudio 2011r3 Subversion project (rbvcp) and Xojo seem to not manage SVN or GIT compatible project… …

do i miss something ?

i just find the “xml” project format !

I’d use the Xojo Project format myself. It is the new name/extension for the old rbvcp.

“text” project format from Xojo preferences seem not want to convert…

Any idea why it doesn’t convert ?

Shot in the dark… did you do a Save As? Changing the preference setting doesn’t change the format for you.

If you don’t have your license activated in Xojo the version control option isn’t available.

Joseph : are you sur, or it’s a guess ?

because we are studying the possibility to drop Realstudio/Xojo for xCode … i dont want to buy this expensive update for nothing…

The restriction on saving in version control or XML format for unlicensed users is an official restriction by Xojo, Inc:

Joseph : are you sur, or it’s a guess [quote=15664:@Etienne Pilon]Joseph : are you sur, or it’s a guess ?[/quote]

I’m 100% sure.

I am 100% sure. My team uses Xojo with Subversion all day long.

Thanks a lot guys !! :slight_smile: