Use caution with Imported Foreign Dynamic Volumes and Xojo Projects

I’ve just spent the better part of a week trying to determine why projects that I’d placed onto a new Windows 7 system were causing Xojo and RS IDEs to crash when they were being loaded. After a lot of filesystem tracing, it turns out that MS is doing something very strange with ownership and permissions of files and folders on a Dynamic Striped volume that was imported from another Windows system.

I had created a 32TB Dynamic Striped array on one of our Windows servers and loaded it up with files. I then moved it to my new Windows 7 desktop system and “Imported” the foreign Dynamic array. I then used SVN to copy the latest versions of a number of projects to the imported volume to work.

The result was a crash in both the latest Xojo and RS12r2.1 IDEs during the loading of the projects with an “Unsupported Format Exception” error.

By moving my development code folders over to my home folder, the issue disappeared. Further research on the Imported Foreign volume shows that MS is remapping the ACLs for the imported volume in a manner that makes most of the folders and files on the volume Read Only.

Those of you working with Dynamic volumes will understand this. Others should count your blessings that Dynamic volumes are not a part of your lives :S.