usage survey

Which PC manufacturer and which version of Windows have you found most prevalent with your customers. Just need some context for my merger in to the PC world…

Neil, thanks, this is want I wanted to know. It also settles an argument, I mean discussion, with my Son-in-Law about Win10 overtaking Win7 - I didn’t think so.

Windows 10 will eventually replace Windows 7. But it will probably take years, not months.

There are no new machines (unless anecdotal) with Windows 7. As people renew, chances are they will simply use Windows 10.

I’d suggest taking that data with a pinch of salt. It might be skewed by a bazillion chinese/russian machines that you might not ever target, so Win10 might in fact be the leader in your target market.

unless you subscribe to one of these services you might just get “overviews” that may or may not be relevant
you might be interested in a subset of the market data and not be able to see that data
suppose your target market for your software is “businesses that print car sized wraps”
the overall market share of Windows 10 in the USA might be irrelevant because thats not your market
and you might not be able to get more detailed breakdowns by business segment etc without a subscription

so take this stuff with a grain of salt

Good point.