Usage of 32-bit Linux on x86?


And someone uses Linux on x86 without 64-bit?

Could we drop 32-bit Linux for future MBS Plugins?


That would presumably preclude use of your plugins on the Pi - until Xojo does ARM-64.

No. Please Don’t do that. We are still using 32bit Linux.


We still have ARM 32-bit plugins.

I am asking for the Intel 32-bit plugins.

Better not drop x86 support for linux since xojo still has x86 linux target people would expect the plugins to be there.

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We already build plugins for Linux 64-bit ARM in expectation that someday Xojo may do that target.

What is the point if users cannot use it.

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I’m with @DerkJ on this one.

I second that Xojo Plugin developers should follow what Xojo is still offering/supporting. Speaking for myself: I don’t use them any longer on this particular platform and it is very unlikely that I would need them in the future, but who knows? Perhaps @Sunil_Abraham will ask me for help one day, and then MBS would not be an option :wink: or a customer needs a helping hand but is still using them, etc.

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In case of the IOT developers with Raspberry PI and other Arm Devices: since there is no 64 Bit Arm Linux Support the Pluins can only be used in old Versions. So errorfixes and so on would not help the developers on this devices. It would be nice if you would provide the 32 Bit Support until there is 64 Bit Arm Support for Linux so that the developers can use the 64 Bit Plugins without any border. Thank you for asking.

I would wait at least until Ubuntu 2018 LTS leaves support in a couple of years. As I understand, it’s the last with a 32-bit version. Per your separate inquiry I concur about dropping the 32-bit Mac target.

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I got a few more emails about it and looks like some people have 32-bit linux servers in use and love to keep those updated with newer plugins.

So maybe I ask again in a year or two.