USA Date vs UK Date

Hi, both my local macBook Pro and remote Mac Mini Server have the UK date set in System Settings. Locally I receive and can process the date in the UK Format dd/mm/yyyy but on uploading the CGI build to the Mac Mini I get the USA date mm/dd/yyyy. Can anyone assist and advise what I may be doing wrong? Many Thanks.

Sorry, but I should have said this is a web app.

I don’t really have an answer for you, but I’m wondering: could your server be getting the date from its host or somewhere else? Like I’m based on the west coast (USA) but my website is hosted by a company on the east coast, so file timestamps are always Eastern time and off (from my perspective).

Isn’t it set in System Preferences > Language & Region?


you are talking about USA and UK dates. Fine.

But, as far as I know, USA Dates are used but… USA while the rest of the world use dd/mm/yyyy (what you call UK dates).

I think everyone understand what you wrote, but just in case, here’s the reality.

Of course, we do not talk about daylights… which are Hours :slight_smile:

Date management is always an issue. There is dd-mm-yyyy, mm-dd-yyyy, and then also yyyy-mm-dd. I always maintain dates within my application as the latter. Makes for easier sorting, for one thing. And whenever possible, I use a date picker as the date entry method. There are a few around that work well with web apps. Everyone understands a calendar, and there is less risk of day-month confusion. The date maintained in my class, and the date displayed with user parameters can look different, but ultimately mean the same instant. This requires separation of the business logic and the user interface logic.

my 2 cents. In hope that it helps.