US soldiers and passengers prevented a disaster on Thalys

Yesterday Friday there was a serious incident on the Thalys high speed train going from Amsterdam (The Netherlands) to Paris (France).

A man with a kalasjnikov (with 9 loaders with him) boarded the Thalys in Brussels. Between Brussels and Paris he intended to shoot on the innocent passengers. Luckily two US soldiers together with a few passengers could prevent the man from carrying out his bloody actions.

A true disaster is prevented. France and Belgium consider those who take action against this terrorist true hero’s. We all realise what would have happened without the intervention of those people.

Within a few weeks there is the 9/11 memorials, for the victims which are also murdered in those twin towers. Please spare a moment of your time and together with the 9/11 victims, pray for all those innocent lifes which are killed by such moslim terrorists like IS, Boko Haram, El Shabaab. Let us pray for the men and women who day and night protect and fight against those terrorists. Let us be thankfull for every life which is spared from being murdered by such sad people.

Nevertheless it is very important that we do not give those terrorists what they want : fear and suspicion for each other. We should continue with our daily lifes to let them see they are small and unimportant without their weapons.

Last year, I really became to understand how valueable every human life really is, because of a personal loss in our family. Every life is priceless and should be treasured as if it was our own. We are all unique and of great value for whatever society we live in. We are all a small piece within a big chain which spans the Earth several times.

Let us respect and understand our fellow people and spread goodness over the world. In the end, evil will be defeated by the good.

With actions like those of yesterday, it is nice to see a community like this which helps each other in a friendly way. Thanks to everybody who makes this community a great place to be.

Last Tuesday, I was on the Thalys. I can relate. Blessed be the two American heros.

They are small and unimportant even with their weapons.

There have been multiple cases of islamic terrorism in the last few decades and nothing has been done to prevent and or block extreme islamism, plus the combination of biblical mass migration from islamic countries…I’m afraid things will be getting a lot worse for Europe

With all of the shootings in the US it is nice to see that some highly trained soldiers, that obviously would know how to use guns, managed to take down this guy without shooting him.

Well Marcus,

you may think of them in terms of small and unimportant but they’re not. They manage to dominate the 8 o’clock news almost every day. And you know, one of these days one of them loonies succeeds with his AK47 and kills a few dozen people. And again, our European politicians stand and watch. They don’t have an answer, they do not have a coherent approach, and last but certainly not least: they fail in protecting their citizens. And you know why?

In your country the heritage of WW2 still blocks any decent actions in this matter. In my country politicians are afraid to criticize these cowards who kill in the name of Allah. Why? They are afraid of the reactions of the muslim population. So political correctnes (policor) is blinding the eye of those who should stand guard of our country, who should defend our democracy from those who are seeking to destroy it. But they fail. Frau Merkel and Monsieur Hollande with aid from Labour-oriented newspapers condemn everybody who raise questions in this matter (fascists/neo-Nazis).

It may sound exaggerated, but I see a bloody civil war in some near future. The unlimited influx of uneducated muslim immigrants (for Germany 800.000 (!) in 2015) and politicians hiding their heads in the sand are signs you cannot ignore.

I good friend of mine was on that specific train. Its a scary world nowadays. :-/

The whole point of terrorism is that a small band of even moderately trained & equipped people can have a huge impact way out of proportion to their numbers.
9/11 was perpetrated by a handful of dedicated people - yet look at the impact it had.
Armies aren’t suited to dealing with urban terrorism like this.
Neither are most police departments.
And how many would we need to ride every train, every plane, every bus or every kind of anything that could be used as a terrorist weapon ?

If we surrender to the fear they induce then the terrorists win without having to do anything