URLParameters and Hash Tags

I was reading the Docs on URL Parameter trying to figure out a few things

The docs give an example of:
Thats: IP or host : Port : Parameter

If I have a hash tag of #myhashtag

What is the proper structure? ?


But my understand from the docs (I may be wrong) is that parameters only work with special handler urls and not normal Xojo web pages, is this correct?

I use parameters for normal web pages. However, just for entry. For example:

In my session object, if the ref_id is equal to something, I launch a different “MainPage” than the default one.

You can’t go editing the parameters from page to page, so they have limited use, but can be used.

They would appear to be useful for say Product pages. Am I wrong?


Ok, thanks for clarifying, I will have to relook at this for my web project.

You shouldnt need to use them because everything is stored on the server. The only real use I can see is when you want to tell the app to do something at startup, all other times you have access to everything directly on the server so should not need parameters.

Exactly. When a sales rep wants to send a customer to a product page… The link in his email.

Yes that would work fine but I would recommend that you use a GUID to reference the product and not the ID held in the database. This way you minimize people seeing products that you dont want them to see etc.