URLParameter ? Modify downloading.xojo.binary_project

I am interested in developing my own application from the downloading.xojo.binary_project sample app that comes with Xojo.

I would like to modify it so it takes as parameter the file name.

From the example online, I gather the resulting app would be called as

Am I right ? I looked into documentation and found this

If Self.URLParameterCount > 0 Then
Dim parameterName, value As String
For i As Integer = 0 To Self.URLParameterCount-1
parameterName = Self.URLParameterName(i)
value = Self.URLParameter(parameterName)
WebPage1.TextArea1.AppendText(parameterName + " = " + value + EndOfLine)
End If

Can I use this to retrieve the name of the file to download (myfile.zip)

If so, how do I simulate the url parameter in the development environment ?

Please forgive the naive questions. It is not that easy to jump from desktop to web.


More like this:


The hashtag in WE app URLs is more about location, such as page.


you can use the hashtag for sure.
In the Session class you find HashTagChanged event.
Then use Self.HashTag to get the hashtag as string.