URLConnection/Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket Certificate File

I have a Windows application that calls some HTTPS web services. Currently, I’m using HTTPSecureSocket to make these calls but I gather this object has been deprecated so I’m looking into using URLConnection or Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket.

However, I can’t see where I specify the Certificate File? With the HTTPSecureSocket I could use:

' Get/Set the CertificateFile
CertificateFile = GetExistingFolderItem(CertificateFileName)

Am I missing something?

Unless you need a certain new feature of URLConnection then it looks like you’ll have to stick with HTTPSecureSocket. I guess you could install the certificate and see it if will use it but I’d pop a feature request in to have this feature added.

I don’t want to write a load of code using a deprecated object and being able to point to certificate/key files is fundamental. I also can’t wait until they add the feature so I’ve moved over to using the MBS CURL library. That seems to do what I need.