URL to user’s web sites @ bottom of entries

Not really off topic, but I think it is the best place to ask that question / suggestion.

It appeared lastly on this forum that users web site links are not “easy” to get. (interpretation of what was said).

If you share code, tips, free and|or demo ar even Paid stuff, it will be good to have the home web link in each users entry.

If the forum software permit that, it can be nice to get that at the bottom of each entry (on user based set).

So, even whan someone do not add anything lately, if another user want to see/read/use/buy something from some person, (s)he just have to open that person entry (an entry from this person) and click in the link.

Xojo: is it possible (now / to implement it ?).
Friens from this Forum: do you support this nice idea ?

From: https://forum.xojo.com/46994-forum-etiquette-and-notices

Personally, I think signatures would be OK so long as rules about size/content were enforced.

This is why I try to put proper links in my posts - so you CAN get to them easily